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Lucida, which means light and truth, doesn’t start with magazine pictures and colour swatches. We begin by uncovering your authentic style, who you are at the core, your physical and psychological needs. Then, we bring them all to life in every part of your space.

Designing with our Principles of Lucida, we think beyond form and function to co-create a space that will help you be more connected to your home, and yourself. You won’t just see a difference in your home, you’ll feel it too.

Using the best practices in technology and design, we examine all elements that affect wellbeing to create relevant solutions and magnificent spaces that nurture and promote health and wellness. From our Custom Design Service to our Home Design Packages , you’ll work with a certified Holistic Interior Design expert to improve your indoor environment and experience wellbeing on a whole new level.

Founded by nora bouz, Lucida is a leader in Holistic Interior Design. As the head truth seeker at Lucida, nora is using her unique approach to transform homes and lives.


nora's story

  nora bouz -Adv Dip HID, BA, CPM

nora bouz -Adv Dip HID, BA, CPM

"A few years ago, I was living in conflict between my outer life and my truth. There was a great disconnect, a longing for more free expression and a desire to connect on a deeper level. Like many others around me, I was in the fast lane driven by status, trends and what the media was telling me to do, and be. Even my home, although beautiful and functional, wasn’t reflecting who I was and what I needed on an emotional level. It was time for a major change. It was time to create my true home.

Transforming my own space supported me through challenges and became a catalyst to expanding my interior design practice that had started in 2005. I became certified in Holistic Interior Design and was ready to transform my career, and my clients’ lives. My mission is to co-create interior environments that help people become their best, whether they’re at home or at work. It’s a unique process that looks nothing like any other".

"There are no trends when it comes to creating your best home, only Truth." - nora bouz
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One of a handful accredited Holistic Interior Designers in western Canada and the founder of the first design studios specialising in Holistic Interior Design in Alberta, nora leverages over 12 years leading interior design projects and integrates Design for Wellbeing to offer her clients magnificent interiors that support their health and wellness.

nora believes that good design is not about the designer’s style. A design is always beautiful when it comes from a place of honesty and is aligned with people’s true values and personal sense of beauty. nora's role is to uncover her clients’ true style and skillfully arrange all components, so space reflects who they are and tells their unique story while keeping their health and wellbeing at the centre of it all.

To get to that place of truth and uncover her client’s unique style, nora asks tough questions, digs deep, and uses different methods to unveil the hidden. “Most people aren’t aware of their true style because the media and trends rule our world. People drift toward these trends forgetting who they are. But our authentic sense of beauty is always here; we just need to dig a bit deeper”.

Her journey to recover from depression led her to a place beyond recovery. It led her to connectedness with the true-self, understanding of the human essence, and our fundamental relation with nature. She embarked on a mission to take her interior design practice to a new level beyond form and function, where design is about creating personal spaces that nurture the body mind and soul and promote wellbeing. This transformation to Holistic Interior Design gave more depth and meaning to her love for interior design as she witnessed first hand how a space designed for wellbeing can change lives.

Drawing from her travels around the world and knowledge of different cultures, nora integrates this knowledge into her design process to better serve her clients. By understanding the past, being aware of the present, and being open to the future, the design becomes relevant and allows the space to be the best it could be for the people who occupy it.

Her passion for serving and helping people be their best extends to all. nora is actively working with local non-profit organisations with housing programs to improve people's quality of lives right at home through Holistic Interior Design.


Wellbeing is worth celebrating.

When we get the chance to do great work and help change lives, we want to celebrate and celebrate big. And that’s what we are doing through our Social Mission. It’s a chance to transform lives and connect with the community. 


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