How Does your home make you feel?

Holistic Interior design october

Does your home lift your spirit and calm your mind? Does it bring contentment and comfort to your heart? When our homes truly reflect who we are,  we have a space that is authentically beautiful and brings meaning and a sense of belonging to our lives.

Understanding the Unique Person

Some people feel best by the beach, some deep in the forest, others would feel suffocated unless in wide open spaces like the prairies… The colour red is known to evoke physiological responses, however for some it will increase agitation and unrest. One's individual constitution and history will dictate many possible responses to the same stimuli.  

Our true and individual sense of beauty is undeniably influenced by who we are, our subjective experiences, strong memories, and our geographic and cultural backgrounds. In most cases, these biases and nuances are unconscious.  When design aligns our homes with who we are and our true sense of beauty, our homes become emotionally healthy environments that nourish our soul, body, and mind, and elevate the state of our wellbeing.

The Key Factor to Wellbeing Design

Wellbeing Design concerns itself with one thing: Achieving wellbeing indoors. Wellbeing is defined as a state of being which includes our physical and psychological health. Psychological health includes mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health. It is basically how we are and feel when we’re in that space.

Deep Understanding is the key to creating effective solutions. By understanding the unique person’s sense of beauty, physical and emotional state, needs and aspirations, as well as the physical space  (it’s advantages or challenges), it’s possible to design and develop genuine, meaningful designs that transform the space into a home that is not only beautiful, but supports our sense of belonging and overall wellbeing.

nora bouz
Wellbeing Design Consultant