And here it begins... Welcome To Lucida!


Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure that I present you Lucida, Wellbeing by Design!

Lucida is a new business that I have been preparing for since the beginning of this year. It is a company specializing in Holistic Interior Design. Although Holistic Interior Design is not new, it is quite new to Alberta. The focus of Holistic Interior Design is the wellbeing of the occupant where they live, work, play, and heal. We think beyond form and function to create interiors that promote and support the physical and psychological health.

To me, Lucida is not just a business venture - it is the result of a soul-searching journey that not only took me to the heart of the Rocky Mountains and the Amazon Jungle, but also to a place of inner-depth and connectedness where I had never been before. In that place, awareness of the True Original Being and Truth began.

My personal journey to find healing and relief from depression started by looking for a cure and led me to realizing that depression was one of the best things that happened to me: it was the clue that something was very wrong. The clue to the fact that the life I wanted wasn’t the life I actually needed – that I was unaligned with my True-Self. It was the beginning of a journey toward awareness and self knowledge.

Discovering my True-Self led me to realize, among other things, that the home I was living in wasn’t the right environment for me. Although it was beautiful and functional, my home didn’t reflect who I was, nor did it provide the sort of supportive nurturing environment I need to thrive. It was this realization that led me to discover and study Holistic Interior Design.

All the research done in natural science, human biology and environmental psychology tells us that our physical environment has a great effect on our health and wellbeing. Research shows that in North America, we spend 80 to 90 per cent of our time indoors. In Alberta and a good part of Canada, the cold weather forces most of us to stay inside much of the time. There is no doubt that we need to make sure that our indoor environment not only doesn’t harm us, but also contributes to our health, wellness, and improves our life quality.

Every year the media presents us with a new trend, and every year trends pull us in a different direction. From eclectic to French country, industrial to minimalist, trends and products are sold to us - and a lot of people simply follow the trend, changing their homes and the way they live just for the sake of keeping up with what they’re told they should have. Most of us are so used to drifting in this current that we don’t truly know what our own authentic and unique sense of beauty is, what aligns us with our core – our True-Self.

Home is where we should feel most ourselves. It is where we need to relax after a long, stressful day, where we rejuvenate and recharge and feel completely supported. Home is where we should feel safe to simply be, no matter what that might look or feel like. Home is where we nourish our bodies, develop and nourish the most important relationships with the most important people, where we learn and teach, and where we bring up our children. It is where we care for our loved ones and where we receive care and support in return. Home is where we share intimacy and express love. Home is centre of everything in life, and this important physical space needs to provide us two important things:

1-  Physical health

2- Psychological health

When it comes to our physical health, there is more to it than an environment that doesn’t harm us. Holistic Interior Design considers air quality, light quality, natural light and the sounds we are surrounded with as well as the products and materials - basically, everything that our senses pick up. Then, Holistic Interior Design finds the most suitable solutions to create the ultimate healthy environment on a physical level by utilizing the latest findings and inventions from the fields of science and technology.

As for the psychological aspect of our health, this is where we truly build a quality lifestyle - a full and rich life that leads to balance, harmony, and satisfaction. Holistic Interior Design considers every aspect of psychological health: emotional, mental, social and spiritual. Only by addressing all these factors, understand the current state being and finding design solutions to support these aspects, can design create a truly healthy environment.

I am excited and yet deeply humbled to start this chapter of my life, because I know how much I am about to both learn and serve. I can’t begin to express the gratitude I carry eternally in my heart for my friends and family members who supported me and continue to do so. I am blessed to have you all in my life and I pray that I am as a good friend and family to you as you are to me. I am also grateful to the people that I’ve crossed paths with along the way, who offered incredible wisdom and support in ways I have not expected. Writing this letter fills my heart with joy. I celebrate with you this moment, this venture, the start of Lucida and a new chapter in my career.

Lucida is not a destination; it is a beginning. My aspiration is to lead a change in how we think about our homes and what they should offer, a change in the traditional approach to design, and the responsibility of designers to go beyond form and function. I see Lucida as a hub of knowledge, support and growth for everything related to living a fulfilling and healthy life.

Spread the word if this resonates with you. Feel free to share this blog with anyone you think might find it valuable. Once a month, I will be sharing a blog about a topic in Holistic Interior Design, and once a month I will send out a newsletter containing research and studies on wellbeing in the physical environment, as well as various tools and tips for achieving wellbeing at home.

I welcome you to Lucida and invite you to discover your true sense of beauty - to find out what supports your wellbeing in the spaces you live, work, heal, and play.

May your journey be full of love and light!


Eternally grateful,

nora bouz Adv.Dip HID, BA
Founder | Wellbeing Design Consultant