The Holistic Home

The holistic Home

The home should be an authentically beautiful place that nurtures the body, mind, and soul. It’s about how it makes people feel and how it responds to their physical and emotional needs.

When it comes to beauty, our true and individual taste is undeniably influenced by who we are, our subjective experiences, strong memories, and our geographic and cultural backgrounds. In most cases, these biases and nuances are unconscious.

When design is aligned with who people are and their true sense of beauty, beyond the trend, home becomes emotionally healthy environments that elevate the state of wellbeing.

Here is how we can start to transform homes into healthy places:

Physical Healthy

  • Investing in a good air cleaning system and humidifier is one of the most essential elements that contribute to health and wellness and the bedrock to creating a healthy environment.

  • Off-gases from finishing products, furniture, carpets, etc. might pollute the air. Using natural products that are VOC and chemical-free will further contribute to the air quality indoors.

  • Maximizing access to natural light and using lighting design and innovations that provide the right lighting for the different functions, and moods will elevate the health benefits space can offer.

  • Plants purify the air from toxins and have a calming and energizing effect on all beings. Whether integrating green spaces in the design or creating the possibilities for this space to be added later, will benefit further the occupants’ health and create uncompromised environments for wellbeing.

  • Noises, whether from equipment, appliances or the outside, could cause irritation and malaise, and in extreme cases, could cause emotional and physical issues. By attending to this matter from an early stage, we eliminate the cause of any unpleasant sound and maintain and calm and serene environment.

Emotional Health

Our longing for authenticity and self-expression is rooted in our humanity. We cannot be emotionally healthy if we don't express ourselves.  Desing must supports this exploration and work towards creating spaces that allow self-expression, belonging and connection.

Meeting all the needs

How many people look into creating a space in their home that increases creativity or strengthens their intimate romantic lives? How many consider the use of colour to promote focus where kids do their homework? These functions might be more important than having plenty of storage or dedicated dining room.

Today, we have unlimited access to experts, knowledge and technology; we can use, colour, space planning, materials, forms, textures, patterns, art, gadgets, etc., to create spaces that support the functions we need beyond the basics.

With 12% of Canadians suffering from anxiety and 20% with one type or another of mental illness, not to mention the increase of physical illnesses due to lifestyle, it is now the time for design to act by transforming interior spaces into authentic places that promote and maintains all aspects of wellbeing.

nora bouz
Wellbeing Design Consultant