From Summer To Fall

Five Steps To Transitioning Your Home and Your Life

Wellbeing Design living room

Fall can be a beautiful season when our bodies ease into the crispness of winter gently and smoothly. However, in our climate, fall can also arrive abruptly, throwing us into the cold without giving our bodies time to adjust.

Being mindful of our design surroundings and needs can support us in maintaining wellness throughout the seasons. Here are five simple steps to ensure your home nurtures your vigor and comfort during this transitional time:

1- Light
In our part of the world, daylight is fast decreasing, and by January, we receive 60% less light than in June.
Make sure the bulbs you have for general lighting are soft white (look for the label, "3000 Kelvin"). If you haven’t switched to LED lights yet, consider not only the energy savings but also the variety of colour temperature options available (check my blog, "Lighting and Your Physical Wellbeing" for information about colour temperature and its impact on health).
Choosing 2600 - 2700 Kelvin bulbs for accent lighting gives you the flexibility to influence the mood with a warmer colour, depending on the function of the space.

2- Colour
Infuse warm colours into your life. Reds, oranges, and yellows in casual accents can impart a feeling of warmth to a room. Infuse one colour with different shades, or two colours to complement one another, in rugs, pillows, throws, or art. Don’t leave any room with a cold feeling, no matter how small or insignificant you might think it is.

3- Fire
If you have a fireplace, ensure it is maintained in preparation for winter, and replenish your wood pile if you have a wood-burning fireplace. Nestling before a hearth promotes social and intimate gatherings.
If you don’t have a fireplace but would love the ambience of one, consider a decorative mantle with large candles placed within, to give the feel of a hearth.

4- Plants
Plants infuse a strong feeling of nature, which helps to keep us connected to the outdoors, and contributes to a calm, relaxed, and focused state. If you don’t have large plants, consider purchasing some for the rooms you use most, such as the living room and kitchen. Pick them up now, rather than later, when cold could damage them.

5- Air
 It is easy to take the quality of the air in your home for granted. In the summer, fresh air circulates through open windows, but with the cold coming, this will happen less often. Now is the perfect time to get the furnace cleaned and change the filters (ideally, filters should be changed every three months).

And don't forget to keep up your healthy habits: movement and exercise, socialising, getting out in nature, and meditation. Connection to your core is vital to a healthy life.

Happy fall!

nora bouz
Wellbeing Design Consultant