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The Role Of The Designer In Making A Difference

The focus of every design must be people's wellbeing needs. When other aspects are placed above the human factor, living spaces become sterile and ultimately unhealthy. Design must continually question itself in order to remain centred on individuals' changing needs and lifestyle and to stay real and impactful.

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From Summer To Fall

This month's blog explores how design elements in our home can support the transition into the cold season. Design has a significant impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing, and consideration of these five key elements can provide the support we need to adapt our homes to the winter season.

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Step Into My Bedroom I

One of the most complex spaces in a home, the master bedroom, is a true multifunctional room that is often under-designed and undervalued. Its functions are beyond sleep and getting dressed, but it’s where the kids join on a Sunday morning, where we enjoy a book, rejuvenate, make love, and nurture intimate relations. In Part I, I explore colour, light and pattern, while Part II will delve into furnishings, often ignored activities, and the integration of nature.

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