Find Your TRUE Style Workshop

One of the most important ingredients to a healthy and happy home is that it reflects who we are at the core. When our homes reflect our own sense of beauty and tell our story, they are transformed into beautiful, happy, and healthy spaces that draw everyone like a magnet!

Finding our true style is more complicated than it sounds. As we live in a world dominated by trends, we are constantly pulled in different directions getting further away from our authentic style.

Our personal style is beyond “contemporary”, “French Country”, “industrial”, etc; It is deeply rooted in our own experience, memories, geographical and cultural background. In most cases, these biases and nuances are unconscious. When design aligns our homes with who we are and our true sense of beauty, our homes become emotionally healthy environments that nourish our soul, body, and mind, and elevate the state of our wellbeing.

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know to discover and understand your natural sense of beauty and put you on the right track to start transforming your home into your best home.

You will discover

  • Your personal style’s traits and characteristics an develop a precise descritpion
  • Ideas on how your home can tell your story, through engaging all the senses.
  • Your colour pallet
  • Your top patterns, forms and shapes

The method - 2 Parts

  • Part 1 is a step by step process that takes you to a full personal style discovery including Q&A that support you through the workshop
  • Part 2 is a hands-on practice with a room of your choice where you apply your findings for a high-level concept.

This is both an individual and collaborative workshop where you get time to work on your own and have the chance to discuss your project with the group.

You can register for Part 1 only or both parts.

"Nora's Workshops are enlightening and inspiring!"