Healing Colours Workshop

Colours' effect on our emotions and moods is undeniable. Colours can calm us, excite us, affect our buying decisions, and even tier or irritate us. 

On the one hand, colour has energy. Each colour has a different energy wave which changes the way it impacts our emotions. On the other hand, our subjective experiences with colour, strong memories, and our geographic and cultural backgrounds play an important role. In most cases, these biases and nuances are unconscious.

The use of colour in our homes has been mainly considered for the aesthetic value ignoring its essential functional value of improving our life quality.

This workshop will reveal the theory of colour therapy and provide you with practical tools to explore and build different colour palettes that cater to the different functions and moods you desire..

    You will learn

    • How the different colours affect our wellbeing
    • What is considered "bad colours" and why
    • Do and don't and how to break the rules gracefully
    • How to use colour effectively to set the moods and support the functions
    • Ho to create colour palettes

    The method - 2 Parts

    • Part 1 covers the fundamentals about how the different colours impact us and how to build colour palettes for the different needs.
    • Part 2 is a hands-on practice with a room of your choice where you apply your learnings for a high-level concept.

    This is both an individual and collaborative workshop where you get time to work on your own and have the chance to discuss your project with the group.

    You can register for Part 1 only or both parts.

    "Fantastic expereince to creat our own unique spaces in our home"