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We co-create with you your ideal home where you love to be and enjoy a healthy and meaningful life.

We design for life. With flexibility in mind, we design for now and many years to come.

Whether you are looking at a space transformation, building a new home, had a life-changing event, dealing with illness, or simply re-arranging or decorating, you can choose the method that suits your needs and budget.

Our getting to know you method is unlike any other. It allows us to really get you and uncover your true personal style far from exterior influences. Most importantly, it's not about the designer's style but all about your style.


Custom Design - This is a full design service from assessment and conceptual design to detailed design and drawings. We oversee the progress of the construction until the satisfactory completion. Our mindful approach and holistic principles are applied through every process to assure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Our services include:

  • Space study and planning
  • Kitchen design & specifiaction
  • Bath design & specification
  • Lighting design & specification
  • Construction & permits drawings
  • 3D renderings
  • Exterior design
  • Colour schemes & palettes
  • Finishes selections & specification
  • Window treatment design & specification
  • Furniture specification
  • Decorating & accessorizing
  • Organizing & re-purposing

Design Consulting -  We will answer all your questions and provide you with practical advise to apply to improve the aesthetics and health of your home. This is an hourly-based service that starts at $300 for 2 hours.

Holistic Design Packages -  This is a focused approach with a pre-defined budget and perimeter that resonate best with your needs while staying true to the Holistic Interior Design Principles. The fee depends on the size and typically starts at $250. Here are our 6 Home Design Packages:


Home Design Packages


01- Inner Garden

Nature has a fundamental impact on our health and wellbeing. Plants purify the air from toxins, relax us, help us focus, and that’s just the beginning. 
Whether creating a living wall, a courtyard or integrating natural elements throughout your home, we help you choose and design the solution most suitable for your lifestyle, personal taste and budget using design and technology to create the right environment for plants to thrive.
And when plants don't have the right environment or space, we use different methods to bring the feel and benefit of nature into your home so you can reap the numerous advantage of the natural world despite the space limitations.


                   02- Aging in Place

Are you a vibrant “baby boomer” that is thinking about the future? Do you want to modify your home to accommodate current needs for yourself or a loved one? Are you considering the changes you’ll eventually need to make in your home to age in place with ease? Our Aging in Place package is a great option for you. When designing accessible homes, we seamlessly integrate the latest technology into your home so that it responds to your physical needs without compromising the aesthetics. It will be safe, and still feel like home.

blue open door.jpg

03- Healing Colours

Colour can impact our emotions and moods. While certain colours can help us de-stress, others will help us focus or be creative. We use colour not only to improve aesthetics but also for its abilities to impact the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. From creating a colour scheme for a room or entire home, choosing paint colours, to selecting background and furniture colours, this service helps you make notable changes and create the environment you need without a significant investment.


        04- Sustainable Living

This is a great option if you want to make a smaller environmental footprint and have a healthier, more energy efficient home. With this package, we offer environment sustainability and/or socio-economical sustainability. With solutions that work with your values and budget, we focus on energy efficiency, the use of green products and materials, re-purposing, reusing and reducing waste.

Feng Shui.png

05- Feng Shui

Feng Shui combines art and science. With many schools and interpretations, there are many false practices that are based on myth or superstitions. At Lucida, we use the study of Feng Shui to enhance the energy flow and balance in the space. We look at all the natural elements and how they work with the physical environment and the unique occupants. If you're looking for an in-depth Feng Shui Assessment and practice, we work with Feng Shui Masters with over 30 years' experience.


06- Holistic Assessement

If we visit the doctor every year to assess our physical wellness, shouldn't we take a look at the health of our home? 
Countless factors impact our physical surrounding which in return, affects our physical health.
This in-depth assessment examines the Air Quality, Building Systems, Materials, Appliances, Light, Sound, Energy Flow & Balance. It also explores how your home responds to your physical and psychological needs from the holistic design perspective.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken".

- Oscar Wilde