01— Inner Garden

Nature has a fundamental impact on our health and wellbeing. Plants purify the air from toxins, relax and rejuvenate us, and that’s really just the beginning. By integrating the natural world into your indoor environment, you’ll experience a healthier life and more serene space. Applying holistic design practices, we bring natural elements into the home, which engages your senses, and restores a sense of balance to your life.


02— Aging In Place

Are you a vibrant “baby boomer” that is thinking about the future? Do you want to modify your home to accommodate current needs for yourself or a loved one? Are you considering the changes you’ll eventually need to make in your home to age in place with ease? Our Aging in Place package is a great option for you. When designing accessible homes, we seamlessly integrate the latest technology into your home so that it responds to your physical needs without compromising the aesthetics. It will be safe, and still feel like home.


03— Healing Colours

Colour can impact our emotions and moods. While certain colours can help us focus, others will help us relax and some may even evoke irritation. We use colour not only to improve aesthetics, but mainly for its healing abilities and impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This service helps you make significant changes and create the look and feel you need without a big investment.


04— Sustainable Living

This is a great option if you want to make a smaller environmental footprint and have a healthier, more energy efficient home. With this package, we offer environment sustainability and/or socio-economical sustainability. With solutions that work with your values and budget, we focus on energy efficiency, the use of green products and materials,  re-purposing, reusing and reducing waste. 


05— Feng Shui

Feng Shui combines art and science. With many schools and interpretations, there are many false practices that are based on myth or superstitions. At Lucida, we use the study of Feng Shui to enhance the energy flow and balance in the space. We look at all the natural elements and how they work with the physical environment and the unique occupants. If you're looking for an in-depth Feng Shui Assessment and practice, we work with Feng Shui Masters with over 30 years' experience.


06— Holistic Assessment

If we visit the doctor every year to assess our physical wellness, shouldn't we take a better look at the health of our home, including how it responds to our every need, and supports our wellbeing? This in-depth assessment examines the building systems, structure, air quality, materials, appliances, light and noise. It also explores how your home responds to your physical and psychological needs, including the holistic design perspective, energy flow and whether or not it aligns with your truth and core values.


"Every colour has a different energy due to its frequency and vibration. Our body needs a balance of all seven rainbow colours."

The Holistic Design Institute, UK