Social Mission


Every year, we choose a charity with a housing program and offer free Holistic Interior Design services to one of their residences facilities. From assisting with fundraising and executing the project to gathering volunteers, design students and artists, it’s rewarding and humbling opportunity to help vulnerable members of our community transform their homes into spaces that support their healing through their recovery journey.. 

Our Charity of the Year

Keys to Recovery


This year, we’re working with Keys to Recovery, an organization that provides permanent supportive housing to adults who were chronically homeless and would otherwise be discharged back into homelessness upon successful completion of addictions treatment.

Working with their team, we’re assessing one of their facilities and its residents and looking for ways to create a space that aligns to the K2R vision while supporting the wellbeing of the residents on their journey to recovery.

Visit K2R's website for information on how you can support K2R create better homes. 


"In Calgary, on any given night, over 3,500 people are homeless and 14,000 households are at risk of becoming homeless."

Calgary Homeless Foundation