The Holistic Home Workshop Series

Each decision we make in the creation of our home has a direct impact on our physical and psychological health. The holistic Home Workshop Series aims at providing the knowledge and tools you need to transform your place of residence into a home that supports your wellbeing and the wellbeing of our planet

Designed for groups of eight or more, you can choose from the workshops we offer or request one for you and your friends, community or organisation. If you have a topic in mind, we would love to design a workshop just for you.

Find your true style


Bringing nature home


Healing colours web pic.png

colours for life


The bedroom beyond sleep web pic.png

the bedroom: Beyond sleep


The holistic home symposium vertical.png

The holistic home symposium


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aging in place



The Holistic Home

The effect of our built environment on us is too great to ignore, and what we put into our home reflects back to us. The Holistic Home is an authentically beautiful and healthy home that reflects who we truly are and promotes our wellbeing on the physical, emotional, spiritual and social levels, with reduced impact on the environment.